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Manicure trends we'll see everywhere this fall

Fall is here, so it's time for some new seasonal trends! Personally, on the manicure side, I love playing with different colors depending on the time of year.

So here are some trendy options to wear on your nails for the new season.

1. The yellow-orange

This color is perfect for the summer-fall transition! It allows you to keep a little lively touch while pairing wonderfully with your favorite yarns.

2. Chocolate brown

Perfect option to change from black or burgundy! So stylish and it works for both long and short nails.

3. The subtle "French tip"

The French manicure is making a comeback, but with a few variations. For a slightly more understated look, white blends into a transparent pinkish hue. As for the shape of the nail, rounded tips are favored.

4. Matcha green

A color that transports very well to fall is definitely matcha green! This shade is perfect for adding some punch to your more understated fall outfits.

5. Colorful patterns

A trend that was very present this summer is patterns with pastel tones. For fall 2020, we reproduce everything but with earthy and nude tones. From beige to brown with a touch of burgundy, this is the best way to make your perfect manicure stand out!

6. Fingers of different colors

While we've seen this manicure a lot this summer, it carries over to fall with neutral colors. A great way to make classic shades a bit funkier by wearing them all at the same time!

7. The tips of colored nails

Perfect mix between the French dip and the previous trend, this look is elegant while having an original touch. Flawless day and night, and it helps you keep your nails long!

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