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5 easy nail art designs

Some nail art inspire us and make us want, but it is not always easy to achieve them yourself without going through a professional. We have found five easy nail art for you.

The nail art trend is invading social networks, and makes us want to get started too. Unfortunately, the result is not always there.
It's like everything, it can be learned. To start slowly, but surely, here are five easy nail art designs. Guaranteed burr-free.

The nail art line

This manicure is ultra minimalist, but still gives a nice graphic effect to our nails.

What you need: a gold or silver polish, a boxwood stick, a top coat, a fine nail art brush.

The achievement: once your nails are prepared, either you go on a nude varnish base as above, or on a colored base. A choice.

Apply a line of polish down the middle or side of the nail using a fine-tipped or angled brush. If you want to bring a little graphic side, make small burrs on the sides of the line with the boxwood stick.

Let dry for a few minutes and apply a layer of top coat to complete the manicure.

Reverse French nail art

What you will need: nude varnish, glitter varnish, top coat, French manicure stickers.

The realization: apply one or two coats of nude varnish depending on the opacity of your varnish. For this manicure it is very important to let it dry well.

Once the color is dry, apply the French manicure stickers to create a space between the nail and the cuticle. Carefully apply the glitter polish in the space created. Leave on for 5 minutes before taking off the stickers. Leave on for another 15 minutes, before finishing with the application of a top coat.

Graphic nail art

What you will need: colorful nail polish, black nail polish, top coat, nail art tape, a thin nail art brush.

The realization: start on a base of "bare" nails. The first step is to divide the nails in half with the colored polish. To do this, apply tape to make a delimitation. Apply one or two coats of colored varnish depending on its opacity.

Leave on for 5 minutes before gently peeling off the tape. Once finished, let the varnish dry a little longer before drawing the black line. To draw the black line, take a thin brush and apply the varnish delicately as you would like a stroke of eyeliner. Take it all at once, following the curvature of the nail.

Finally, once this last step is completed, fix the manicure with a top coat.

Illusionist nail art

What you will need: nude polish, black polish, toothpick, nail art tape

The realization: after preparing your nails, apply a nude varnish. When all of your nails are painted and dry, create a small triangle-shaped space using tape. Fill in with black varnish to create the triangle and wait a bit before removing the tape.

Once the triangles are dry, use a toothpick to use black varnish to make small dots in the continuity of the triangle. Let your artwork dry before sealing it all with a top coat.

Eye nail art

What you will need: light pink polish, white polish, black polish, nail art stickers, a thin nail art brush.

The realization: the first step is to apply light pink varnish on all your nails. Let it dry well before doing the nail art.

To draw the eyes, start by making a kind of thick reverse French. With the tape, create a fairly wide boundary between the nail and the cuticle. In this space, put white varnish. Leave to dry. Then, using a fine-tipped brush, outline the eye area, lashes, and pupil.

Finish with a top coat to hold your manicure.

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